Free API and Moodle Integration with All Solutions

You can fully or partially integrate your existing content management or learning management system with your eLecta Live account. The purpose of the integration is to enable your instructors and students to access the live sessions with just a single log in directly from your Web based system.

Simple Yet Universal Integration Tools for Web Sites and LMS

Why Integrate?

Through integration between your virtual classroom and your site/LMS you can enable your students and faculty to access their live online sessions directly from your website with one single authentication procedure - on your website.

Our students and teachers enjoy the seamless link between our Moodle site and the virtual classrooms. Entering live classes from Moodle has become so natural. Scheduling is even more fun.

- Mary Brown, Moodle Web Master

Simple Copy-Paste Widgets for Every Website

The Widgets are a set of HTML code snippets and links which are automatically generated and can be easily published on your website. Take your students to their personal profiles, calendar or into your virtual classroom right from your site.

Publishing a student log-in form on your website is as simple as copy-paste. Take the students to their password protected profiles as if they are hosted by you. Having no scheduling system on site is not a problem.

Our class schedule widget will be on your site in seconds. With the SIW your site will be powered by the eLecta Live built-in scheduling and user management system. You do not need to have your own student database or calendar. It is all managed by eLecta Live.

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Integrate Electa Live with Moodle - Absolutely Free

With eLecta Live free Moodle Activity Module Moodle teachers and course creators can schedule live classroom sessions as part of the Moodle course activities. The Moodle activity module allows both students and teachers to access their scheduled live sessions directly from their Moodle course pages. Your students enter the live classes directly from the Moodle course with one single authentication procedure - happening in Moodle.

To schedule live classes in Moodle you only need one of our eLecta Live accounts.

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Facebook Integration - Your Classes on Your Facebook Page

Advanced Open Integration API

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