Top 10 Ways of Using Electa Live Online Classrooms

Endless possibilities, with users only limited by their imaginations. Some of the most common applications of eLecta Live online classrooms include Live Instruction, Online Meetings, Online Tutoring Programs, Classroom Collaboration, Virtual Office Hours, Virtual Help Desk.

1. Live Instruction

Traditional distance learning programs have low completion rates as students are left to learn on their own with a feeling of isolation. Today’s online teachers need a method to communicate to students in an effective and pedagogically sound manner, one-on-one or one-to-many. Studies show that the ideal solution is a blended learning model with asynchronous and synchronous interaction.

2. Online Meetings

With eLecta Live, you can easily and effectively host web based meetings, significantly reducing teleconferencing and travel costs and decreasing time away from job. Teachers and administrators save significant amounts per year by not having to travel long distances for meetings and professional development. And this does not take into effect the elimination of the cost of substitute teachers for those on the road.

3. Classroom Collaboration

Collaboration at a distance connects students from different locations and cultures to enhance the learning experience. Students from United Kingdom collaborated with students from China in a course about international architecture.

4. Online Tutoring Programs

Whether provided by instructors or peers, tutoring via eLecta Live offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments. Sessions can be scheduled, or students can drop into to an existing virtual room to connect with the tutor.

5. Asynchronous Content Development

With eLecta Live, you can create asynchronous content using the interactive record and playback functionality. For example, you can record student orientation sessions or add a recorded welcome to your virtual classroom prior the first day of class. In addition, students can view interactive recordings of your classes if they’ve missed a session or just to reinforce learning and help retain knowledge.

6. Student/Parent Orientation

Want to expand your geographical reach and attract more students? Showcase your programs for prospective students and their parents online with eLecta Live. You can also conduct orientation for new students and even record the sessions for those who couldn’t attend in person.

7. Virtual Office Hours

Teachers can extend the hours they are available to their students with eLecta Live virtual office hours. Meet one-on-one or with groups of students.

8. Remote Guest Speakers

Online education is all about creating engaging learning environments. eLecta Live enables you to bring in remote experts to the classroom or send students on a virtual field trip.

9. Professional development

Attract and retain qualified instructors and staff by providing cost-effective, ongoing professional development via eLecta Live. Connect teachers on a campus-wide level to share best practices. Offer real-time or recorded training sessions for applications, tools, and administrative systems.

10. Virtual Help Desk

Need additional methods to provide support and immediate assistance to students, faculty, and staff? With eLecta Live students can get access to the resources, such as the research library, without coming to campus.

What's Next?

Choose your online classroom based on the applications you are looking for.

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