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Virtual classroom and learning management system solutions for individual trainers and organizations

Electa Virtual Classroom and LMS are available as different configurations, designed to meet the needs of both individual tutors and online schools and training organizations. We offer two plans for individual tutors and trainers - Tutor Pro and Easy and several different plans for online schools and training companies with multiple teachers under the Electa Professional license.

Virtual Classroom Solution for Individual Teachers

Electa Live Tutor and Easy are two separate plans for individuals working over the Web. Arrange one-on-one or group classes, individual tutoring sessions and web meetings at a low cost.

These two plans provide one reusable single virtual classroom for group or one-on-one classes and one teacher profile. With both plans you can train unlimited number of students.

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Electa Professional for Training Organizations & Online Schools

Electa Professional is an enterprise-class product designed for online schools and universities working with multiple teachers and having more than one class at the same time.

Cover the entire instructional cycle in your organization. Deliver training and educational services in a state-of-the-art online collaboration environment. Integrate with existing applications in your academic infrastructure.

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Electa Tutor - A Turn-key Solution for Individual Tutors

Electa Tutor configuration is a turn-key solution consisting of a live virtual classroom and a full-featured learning management system, designed for individual teachers and trainers to to teach and train over the internet.

Go Beyond the Simple Virtual Classroom

Far beyond a basic virtual classroom and a web conferencing tool Electa Tutor has an advanced learning portal with student management, class scheduling tools, course builder for online courses and tutorials, homework, quizzing and assessment modules, resource library and plenty of other tools.

Live Virtual Classroom

Teach online in a live virtual classroom with audio, video, whiteboard and a lot more tools. Have unlimited live classes and web meetings. Track class attendance.

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Online Courses & Tutorials

Create online courses and tutorials. Manage your students with personal, password-protected profiles. Safely build up your student database. Arrange student groups.

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Quizzes, Tests & Homework

Assess your students with online quizzes and assignments. Encourage them to self-improve by giving regular homework and tasks to complete.

I am an English Language private tutor. I teach students from KS3. The Electa Tutor plan powers my online teaching business by providing me with all that I need - a student portal, class scheduling, homework, course manager... and of course the live virtual classroom with all whiteboard tools.

Mrs Wills, Private Tutor

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Electa Professional for Online School, Universities & Training Organizations

Your complete online education strategy powered by Electa Learning Management System

Electa Professional is an enterprise class online learning solution for universities, schools and training organizations. It covers the entire educational cycle - creating learning content, to delivering it to students, testing and assessment. It supports multiple instructors, teachers and staff along with multiple virtual classrooms for multiple simultaneous live online classes.

The Internet Place for Online Schooling and Training.

Electa Professional is a full-featured Internet place for schooling, meetings, training and collaboration. This solution is designed for universities and training organizations to deliver training to students. Business companies use Electa Professional to train employees, customers and partners anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous Live Classes Handled in Multiple Virtual Classrooms

A key feature of Electa Live Professional is the ability to set up multiple virtual classrooms/meeting rooms and configure them with different capacities. This enables simultaneous (overlapping) live classes and online sessions in different classrooms to be held at the same time. Have group or one-on-one sessions, workshops and live lecture - all taking place live on the Internet.

Multiple Teachers, Session Hosts and Online Instructors

With Electa Live Professional you can set up individual accounts for each of your faculty members - administration, teachers, session hosts and instructors - each with an individual profile. Maintaining the faculty database is easy with the powerful user and access management tools. Enable teachers and instructors to set up their own classes and lectures, maintain individual class scheduling.

Key Features
  • Student & Staff Management
  • Online Courses
  • Live Virtual Classrooms
  • Simultaneous Live Online Classes
  • Multiple Teachers & Presenters
  • Student & User Grouping
  • Resource Libraries
  • Homework Á Quizzing
  • Testing & Assessment
  • Fully Managed and Hosted
  • Centralized Management
  • Flexible Licensing Models

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Electa Professional includes all Learning Management System modules and Virtual Classroom for multiple simultaneous online sessions.

Flexible and Comprehensive Pricing Models

There are two alternative licensing options, which you may choose from. Teacher-based licensing and Classroom-based licensing (for unlimited teachers and instructors). With the first one you need a license for each teacher that will be using Electa LMS and Virtual Classroom. With the second option you purchase live virtual classrooms, which is actually the number of simultaneous live sessions that can be run at the same time.

Teacher-Based Licensing

Example Usage

Your virtual school there are ten teachers and each teacher is having classes on their own. All 10 teachers may have live classes at any time. With this sample scenario you will need ten teacher licenses - one license for each of your teachers. Each teacher will be bound to his own classroom.

With the "per teacher" licensing model, you need a license for each teacher/tutor (session host) who will hold online classes and live sessions. Each teacher is provided with his own virtual classroom with independent scheduling. The administration can configure the teacher with scheduling access as well as access to your students.

This licensing model is suitable if you have several teachers (or session hosts) and you want to allow all of them to be able to run live classes at any time, each in their own virtual classroom. The teacher licenses are transferrable, which means that you can transfer the license of a retired teacher to another person. You can also use generic (neutral) teacher names.

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Classroom-Based Licensing (Unlimited Teachers)

Sample Usage

Your virtual school teaches different subjects to multiple groups of students. There is a separate teacher for each subject. In this scenario there are multiple teachers with just a few classes at the same time; therefore, you will just a few classrooms which you can reuse for your subjects.

With the "per classroom" licensing model, you purchase reusable virtual classrooms. With this model there is no limit on the number of teachers/hosts you can register. The number of classrooms is the number of simultaneous live sessions that can be held at the same time.

Each session may be hosted by a different teacher in a different virtual classroom. Different classrooms can be used by different hosts/teachers as per the class schedule. This model is suitable if there are multiple hosts and teachers in your organization but only some of them are having live classes at the same time.

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