Best Virtual Classroom Prices, Yet Unbeatable Quality! Why Pay More?

Arrange unlimited online classes and live meetings in the best virtual classroom tool on market. The below plans are designed for individual teachers and tutors that arrange group or one-on-one classes. For organizations that work with multiple teachers and multiple classrooms please check out our options for schools and businesses.

Check out our new plans... Did you see the new prices? Easy
For simple web meetings and live classes
Starts from $19.90/mo
Easy Plus
Adds student management tools
Starts from $29.90/mo
Tutor Pro
Includes a Learning Management System
Starts from $39.90/mo
Learning Managament System (LMS),
Course Builders, Self-Paced Cources,
Assignments & Homework,
Resource Libraries

Unlimited Learners
Student Management & Student Profiles
Live Classes and Online Meetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced Collaboration Tools
Class Scheduling Tools, Recurring Classes
Session Recordings & Playback Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage for Libraries & Recordings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Individual Class Access & Playback Control
Advanced Student Grouping and Access Control
Accept Payments from Students, No fees paid to us.
HTML, Advanced API & Moodle Integration
Co-Branding & Custom Domain
24/7 Free Unlimited Support
Number of Teacher Profiles 1 Teacher 1 Teacher 1 Teacher
[Need More Teachers?]
Attendees (per live class)
Package Price per Month
no long term contract

no long term contract

no long term contract
Configure and Buy Online
Looking for a custom configuration? Of course we can help. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Electa Learning Management System (LMS)?

A: With Electa Learning Management System (LMS) you can create online courses for self-paced learning. You can also create and manage student assignments and homework as well as manage resource libraries.

Q: Can I also create live online classes and web meetings with my students?

A: Yes, with Electa Live you can arrange live online classes.

Q: Is there any limit on how many live classes I can have in my classroom?

A: No, there is no limit. You can have as many live classes and sessions as you need.

Q: Is there any limit on how many students can be registered in my database?

A: No, there is no limit. You can have as many students as needed. Student registrations are just optional.

Q: Are my students shared with anyone else after they set up their profiles?

A: No! Your students' database is absolutely confidential and safe. Other virtual classroom vendors who offer free plans usually use your students in shared pools with other educators. Electa Live does not use shared student pools.

Q: What are the payment methods available?

A: You can purchase a subscription using a credit card, debit card or PayPal. All payment options are secure. We do not bill our customers automatically. We do not keep your credit card on record.

Q: May I have multiple free trial accounts?

A: Our policy permits only one trial account per customer. If you need a trial extension that's OK, so please contact us. Also we do not accept accounts created from anonimous proxies or with temporary email addresses.

Q: What happens after my trial expires?

A: We will keep your data available under your expired account for 2 weeks. After that period your data will be erased. Your data will never be shared with anyone else.

Q: Can I have a refund after I purchase a subscription?

A: The specifics of our service do not support refunds. Once a subscription is purchased no refund options are available. If you are not sure how long you will need the virtual classrooms please go for a shorter subscription period of one month.

Q: May I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you may cancel your subscription after it expires. There is no option to cancel a subscription while it is in progress.

Q: What is the difference between the Individual (personal) plans and the Organizational ones?

A: The personal plans are designed for individual teachers. The plans for organizations are designed for online schools and businesses which operate with multiple teachers. Check out the pricing options here.

Q: Will I be able to see attendance report of classes conducted by my teachers?

A: Yes, you can see the detailed attendance reports as well as control the schedule and classes from your administrative interface.

Q: Do my students need to register with Electa Live to attend my classes?

A: It is just optional. You may schedule live classes available with no user authentication or you may decide to require setting up student profiles.

Q: What are the benefits of creating student profiles? Are they safe?

A: Setting up student profiles allows you to have detailed attendance reports, personalized scheduling and increased security. The student profiles are safe and not shared.

Q: Do my students have to pay for using the classroom?

A: We do not charge your students and attendees. It is only you who may decide to sell live classes. In this case your students pay to you. We do not collect any fees.

Q: How is the access to my classes secured?

A: Our advanced class scheduling allows you to set up individual or group attendance permissions. Each student authenticates with his own username/password thus compromising session links is impossible.