The Virtual Classroom as a part of your website

Enable live online classes on your website. Use single sign on or use one of our ready to go options.

What is Virtual Classroom Software Integration?

Most live virtual classroom software and online training solutions can only be used as standalone services. Some training organizations and online schools, however, already have native platforms for live classes and online training.

Integrating a live virtual classroom into your existing website or portal means to enable your students and teachers to attend your live online classes right from your website.

With Electa Live Virtual Classroom this task can be accomplished in multiple ways. Often this task can be as simple copy and paste. We offer several different options - Simple HTML Integration, Moodle Learning Management System Activity Module and an Advanced Virtual Classroom API.

Which option is right for you depends on the complexity of your website, the technology that you use and what level of integration you would like to achieve.

Electa Virtual Classroom - Single Sign On
Virtual Classroom Integration Widgets

Simple Copy-Paste Widgets for Every Website

The Widgets are a set of HTML code snippets and links which are automatically generated and can be easily published on your website. With just a simple copy/paste you can publish a logon form to take your students to their profiles, a new student registration form, your live online class calendar and course catalog. Your students can book courses right on your website and sign up for your online classes.

Publishing a student log-in form on your website is as simple as copy-paste. Take the students to their password protected profiles as if they are hosted by you. Having no scheduling system on site is not a problem.

The class schedule widget will be on your site in seconds. With the SIW your site will be powered by the Electa Live built-in scheduling and user management system. You do not need to have your own student database or calendar. It is all managed by Electa Live.

As these are pure HTML code snippets they work well in most common content management systems, like WordPress, Joomla, Wix and others. No developer skills are required. Basic HTML knowledge is a plus.

The widgets are available from your Electa LMS account. If you do not have an account yet, please set up a virtual classroom account.

Live Virtual Classroom for Moodle

Moodle is may be the most popular learning management system. Unfortunately, it misses a live virtual classroom... Well, not anymore. Integrate Electa Live with Moodle - Absolutely Free.

We have a special and easy to install Moodle Activity Module. With Electa Live free Moodle Activity Module Moodle teachers and course creators can schedule live classroom sessions as part of the Moodle course activities. The Moodle activity module allows both students and teachers to access their scheduled live sessions directly from their Moodle course pages. Your students enter the live classes directly from the Moodle course page with one single authentication procedure - happening in Moodle. To schedule live classes in Moodle you only need an active Electa Live account.

To use the Moodle Activity Module you have to set up a Virtual Classroom Account and then download the free Moodle Activity Module.

Virtual Classroom for Moodle

Advanced Virtual Classroom API

Electa Live provides an advanced API through a set of scripts and html forms. With the universal API you can achieve the highest level of integration between your asynchronous Web-based solution and Electa Live. Your virtual classroom will be accessible through your own scheduling system and Electa Live can work with your student database.

The purpose of this API is to link an existing web-based system (LMS, SMS and CMS) with an Electa Live hosted account. This API requires an active Electa Live subscription which supports API calls. With the API you can access your virtual classrooms directly from your website placing students and session moderators with one single authentication procedure - on your website.

The API integration options are available from your Electa LMS account. If you do not have an account yet, please set up a virtual classroom account. An API guide and support information can be found in the Electa Knowledge Base / Integration Section .

Virtual Classroom Integration API

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