Electa Live! What Other Providers Pretend to Be.

Every provider will tell you how unique they are, how they treat their support, uptime, expertise, guarantees, etc. Take a closer look. You will find why we are the leader among the virtual classroom software providers.

Designed for Educators
We know your specific requirements and constantly develop our products so you have everything needed for your online teaching process.
We're Ready to Help
We don't use scripts to solve problems; we use our brains. Our customers deserve more than a canned script.
Our customers regularly change their configurations as their needs change. We offer the right solution at the right time.
Perfection Matters
Whatever we do we try to be perfect. Perfection is important for us. You will find this in our tools as well as in our response.
We treat every customer as a priority. That means you can move as fast as you need to.
Safe Students Database!
Building your student database is safe with us. Your students are not a part of shared pools what other vendors usually do.
No Lock-In
If we fail to meet our obligations and we can't make it right, you can leave. Stay because you want to, not because you have to.
Many Features & Tools
Experience natural communication through our unique set of tools and features. You will feel as comfortable as in your real classroom.

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